Turn your rack into an isometric testing powerhouse.

Precise strength measurements in any position. Test shoulders, hips, ankles, legs and more with just one device.
Never guess again.


The world's first and only rack mounted isometric testing solution. Integrate instantaneous feedback directly into any training station and drive performance to a whole new level.

“An absolute revelation in isometric testing.”

“They have managed to outdo themselves.”

Say goodbye to dedicated testing days.

Integrate isometric testing into training by instrumenting your existing racks. No set up or pack down. No wasted floor Just precise strength assessment whenever you need it.
Flexiblity to suit your athletes

Test the way you train.

Swiss? Trap? Safety? All good.
Lock, stop and measure no matter what equipment you train with. Support for bars up to 2 inches in diameter means you'll never have to worry about testing.
Intuitive software

Effortless analysis

Say goodbye to scribbing down results by hand or managing ever-expanding spreadsheets. Take the stress out of testing with iOS and Android apps that you'll love to use.
Built to be part of training

Lock and load.

Clip in and test in seconds. One button release to get you back to training.

Test in any position imaginable.

Sprint Specific Isometrics
Instant performance feedback to help you drive intent and enhance training effects.
Horizontal Hip Testing
The Alex Natera Hip-iso push, Hip thrust and more.
Upper Body Multi-Joint Isometrics
Monitor push/pull upper body peak and rate of force development while minimising injury risk.
Isometric Mid Thigh Pull
The industry standard measure of lower body force generation ability.
Nordic Curl
The easiest way to monitor hamstring strength. Set up on any rack.
Isometric Calf
The best way to assess true calf strength and monitor progression over time.
The Industry Standard

This stuff works.

Isometric testing is being used by almost every elite team in the world.


One data point every millisecond for strength metrics in the first 100ms


Measurement resolution picks up the smallest changes in strength

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