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We build software to make your life easier.

Instantly get the information you need.

Review performance trend of individuals or groups in seconds
Seamless workflow for fast and efficient testing
Add custom tests unique to your athletes
Never guess again.


The easiest solution for all your isometric testing needs. We automate the boring stuff so you can get back to training.

“An absolute revelation in isometric testing.”

“They have managed to outdo themselves.”

Built with teams in mind
Easily manage hundreds of athletes with powerful sorting, searching and tagging features built in from the start.
Cloud based architecture
Your data is safe and secure on our servers. No more worrying about backing up massive databases or micromanaging version control.
Multi device support
Log into multiple devices with the same credentials. View results live as they come in from anywhere in the world.

We're just getting started.

As coaches ourselves, we love seeing athletes out there getting after it. We're constantly looking for new ways our solutions can help you make a difference with your crew.

If you have any thoughts, comments or ideas for features that you need to get the best out of your athletes - let us know! Even if you just want to talk shop about isometric testing!
Continuous Improvement
We're always working on making our tech more powerful
Built by coaches
We buid products that we're excited about and want to use ourselves.

"For movements like running where muscles perform isometrically, holding isometrics may better replicate the demands of the stance phase as lower limb muscles function to resist further flexion of the hip, knee and ankle"

– Alex Natera